Highbury County Revisited

Revisited Cover0007Highbury County Grammar School for Boys (or 'Highbury School' as it was later known) closed in 1967 after an existence of only 45 years. But it was a charmed existence which lives on in hundreds of memories. The draughty Victorian building had previously been a missionary society children's home, then a truants' school. The new grammar school struggled to compete with others with established academic reputations. Its catchment area was at first resolutely working-class, then partly Jewish and finally a mixture of many racial and ethnic groups. All of this - and the devotion of a cadre of long-serving teachers - gave Highbury a special character. It excelled on the football field, in its annual dramatic productions and in the surprisingly large number of university places it gained for such a small school. In 1967 the school acquired the new buildings it had long desired but it was then transformed into Highbury Grove Comprehensive, a school of double the size, and the magic had gone.

In HIGHBURY COUNTY REVISITED, Brian Boyle and David Perman have brought together a wealth of documents, photos, reminiscences and anecdotes to create a full picture of a unique school. Brian, who refounded the Old Highburians Association, is especially keen to preserve the memory of his Alma Mater. And that is a view shared by the large number of Old Boys who now attend the Old Highburians' annual reunions. As the school motto put it: Ne Absiste - Don't Give Up.

Front cover: Highbury County in the early 1960s (by permission of the London Metropolitan Archives)

Rockingham Press 9.95
ISBN  1-904851-01-0

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